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Emerging from the infamous streets of Toxeth; born and raised on Granby street, the frontline of the Toxteth riots, Ronnie Biggz has established himself as a heavyweight in the Liverpool music scene and throughout the UK.

In the late noughties he was a leading figure in the notorious Grime crew G Fam. Releasing street sensations such as ‘Gun fingers’ and a cover of The Beatles classic ‘Let it be’. The crew evolved and began to compete in the wider scene.

His content is laced with the language of money and some of his recent tracks are like manuals on how to earn a crust on the roadside. Artists are keen to talk about weight but not many tunes hold as much of it as ‘Really With It’ with a thuggish melody and heavy bass this is one that can be pumped in the car or would set off the dance floor in a night club. He also understands the importance of loyalty and team work which is displayed on tunes such as ‘Track & Field’, ‘Boxes’ and ‘Cash Callin’. 

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