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illicit is originally from Crewe, a town in the North West located between Liverpool and Manchester. He has been writing from a very early age and performing from the age of 12. He likes to see himself as a versatile artist, although he started his musical journey as a grime mc, he has always experimented with different sounds and doesn't like to stick to one genre when making music.


The lyrical word play and constant use of catchy flows are some of the trademarks of Illicit as an artist. He has gained the respect of credible sources within the industry and some would say he is now reaching his peak in terms of musical content. The new wave of music being released by Illicit and the Grime of The Earth team is something that we’ve never heard before. As a solo artist Illicit can provide a variety of material. So when collaborating as part of the Grime of The Earth team which is a collective of four artists each unique in their own way, it just gives the listener an enhanced experience.

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